From the Chairman

Chairman of DPD ASITA Bali - I Putu Winastra., S.Sos

I Putu Winastra., S.Sos

Chairman of DPD ASITA Bali

“ OM Swastiastu” – Warmest greetings from ASITA BALI chapter and Welcome to Bali – Indonesia!

We are welcoming all guests and all partners of our members, who have consistently delivered the most comprehensive a guidance for people who interesting to come to Bali island and also beyond Bali island for many years. As a part of Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling COVID-19, emphasizes on sense of security, wellness, and comfort, those three aspects must be maintained and benchmark to revive the spirit and gain the trust of domestic and international tourists towards a tourism destination in the middle or post of a pandemic crisis.

Bali has seen some tremendous improvements over the past years, visitors who came to Bali is always increased every year and made Bali island as a favorited tourism destination in the world. With over more than 700.000 rooms, International airport, International Convention Center, a world class golf course, renowned hospital and also exquisite art museum/tourism spot, Bali is proud to be working with all owners, tenants and operators of tourism industry to apply Cleanliness (Kebersihan), Health (Kesehatan), Safety (Keamanan), dan Environment (ramah lingkungan) to welcome the new era after Covid 19 crisis.

On behalf of ASITA BALI Board of Director, all ASITA BALI members and also all Balinese people, we look forward to welcoming you to Bali island, one of the best tourism destination in the world and wish you enjoy to staying and satisfying with all services from ASITA BALI members. 


Komang Takuaki Banuartha
ASITA Bali Chapter