21 Nov 2018



Will be held in Jungutan village, Karangasem, Bali, Indonesia.

23rd – 25th November 2018

It is a forum for Indonesian indigenous community and the world as well as a festival of arts an indigenous culture with the given programs:

1. Talkshow and Culture Seminar

2. Exhibition of art and cultural artifacts

3. Performing arts and music

4. Demo of Tribal Tattoo, Tenun weaving, culinary

6. Story telling

7. Indigenous People Film Screening

8. Performance (Indra Lesmana, Gus Teja, Tika Pagragy, etc.).


Followed by the Indigenous people of Indonesia and the world:

1. Baduy, West Java

2. Kampung Naga, West Java

3. Rancakalong, West Java

4. Mentawai, Sumatra

5. Dayak, Borneo

6. Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara

7. Tenganan, Bali

8. Maori, New Zealand

9. Aboriginal tribe, Australia

10. Khmu, Laos

11. China

12. Macau

13. Hong Kong

14. Philippines

15. Malaysia

16. Singapore

17. Etc.


Speakers of Cultural Talk Show:

1. ?Hilmar Farid *, General Director of Indonesian Culture

2. ?Bambang Rudito, Anthropologist

3. ?Gustaff Hariman Iskandar, Cultural Observer and Secondary Facilitator of the Kasepuhan Ciptagelar Community

4. ?Mina Susana Setra, Alliance of Indigenous Peoples of our islands.

5. ?Sali Sasaki, Designer, researcher, UNESCO Consultant

Karangasem 2018 World Cultural Village Festival aims to re-actualize the role of cultural heritage in the latest context as an effort to preserve and encourage a strong character for dynamic forms of civilization. The concept of this festival tries to answer the challenges of the world in the cultural popularization of folklore. Especially in accordance with the UNESCO initiative which has summoned on the world community to promote speeches between cultures and generations through folk art. Karangasem 2018 World Cultural Village Festival will become an opportunity to exchange knowledge, experience and speeches in efforts advancing each of their valuable and precious cultures.

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